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Quickies - The IGP!

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JOHOR BARU: The Tunku Mahkota of Johor, Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, the eldest son of the Sultan of Johor, topped the list of 83 recipients of awards and medals bestowed today in conjunction with the coronation of Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar on Monday.

Self-proclaimed ‘Lord of all beasts of the earth and fishes of the seas’, Idi Amin rose through the ranks of Britain’s Kings’ African Rifles to head the Ugandan Army — finally promoting himself to Field Marshall 

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cakap wife, my life and dementia.

I sometimes do ask myself what the future holds for me? I ask myself if the life I now lead is fulfilling? Should there be more of life?

You see my life until about three years ago had been one where I did as my heart tells me to do. Never staying put in one place, in one city or even in one country for more that a few years. Never setting roots anywhere. Where I was living at any one time was home.

And where I went my family went with me. Money was never a consideration. I did not have money neither do I move to earn money. It was always about what I want to do and what I want to do was to move where ever and when ever my heart tells me to go - and mostly it was between KL and the cities in Australia : Perth Adelaide, Sydney and now, Melbourne. Shuttling between cities takes a certain kind of belief in one self - one that says that somehow, I will manage.

Going to or coming back to KL was easy for that was home to me and all it took was a few months before I am well and truly settled in KL. Australia was different for I always started at ground zero but having started at ground zero there is no other way but up - and within months we will have all that we need to make good of life.

Over two years ago my wife was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia.

We were on one of our normal migration exercises - moving from Adelaide to Melbourne. We left Adelaide with all our things loaded on a rented truck and drove to Melbourne - with me, my wife, our son Zack and our cat Lea in the front cab. Previously in the weeks leading to the time we were to move I could see that my wife has issues with her memory and in doing things that she would normally do but I dismissed it as her being caught up in the preparation to move. It was while we were on that journey to Melbourne - (it took us a good part of the night and three quarters of the day) - that I begun to realize that something was seriously wrong with her. She had no idea at all of where we were heading to , where we were coming from and what we were doing in the lorry.

My first reaction was fear - fear that my wife was going mad even as we were traveling to Melbourne but fear turned to anxiety and then concern - great concern for her welfare. A few days after arriving in Melbourne I took her to see a Doctor and soon we knew of her condition. Since then my life is her.     

She will wake up when she has enough sleep. From getting her out of bed until she is ready to have breakfast I am there for her every step of the way - or should I say every inch of the way because I have to prompt her to do all that she needs to do from getting out of bed to sitting down in the right chair for breakfast to be served to her. And between my son and me we watch her, prompt her, guide her and hold her hand every time she moves around the apartment we have - and this we do until it is time for her to sleep. Once she is in bed I will be in the room with her either working on my blog or in bed with her holding on to her hand until she is asleep. I know she is comforted that I am physically close to her and holding on to her hand but in truth it is me that needs assurance that she still remembers me and wants me to be part of her life.

I am awake early every morning - usually by 6 AM. Between 6 AM and until my wife wakes up time is my own. These are wonderful moments for me because I know that my wife and son are near and asleep and I have time to myself to let my mind meander to where it wants to go. I say these are wonderful moments because I can sit there with nothing on my mind except to think of what I want to do for my wife, my son and myself. Nobody else and nothing else matters. Try urgency, no stress, no appointments to go to, no appointments to and time at a stand still...try it and you will be hooked for life.

But there are times when I ask myself what if? What if my wife is not unwell?  It has been almost three years or living in Melbourne and knowing myself this will be just about the time when I think of another place to call home, another city to go to or even another country. Am I contented with the situation I am now in? Having to care for a wife ill with dementia?

I have never been happier in my life. 

I am happy because the love and life that I have always wanted with my wife is the reality I now live in -  day in and day out. I am happiest when we sit beside each other legs intertwined under a blanket to keep them warm. We do not talk as my wife no longer can or wants to talk - except for a few words that she mouths every now and then. We communicate mostly through hand gestures - the one thumb up for good and two thumbs up for " I am OK and want for nothing". I am always asking if she is OK - much too often as she sometimes complains of me doing so  - but I cannot help myself. I want to be sure that she wants for nothing.

So sometimes early in the morning when I let my mind meander - like the Mekong river as it tries to pass through the delta - I do ask myself what the future holds for me in having to take care of my wife who has dementia? 

Surprisingly I look forward to being with her everyday even if all I do is to take care of her wants and her needs. Surprisingly I do not see it all as a chore having to clean, cook, wash and do all that any housewife will know have to be done in the course of the day to keep the house in shape. And contrary to what I had once feared - that of being at the beck and call to my wife for her every wants and needs - I can report in all sincerity that I am OK with it.

My hands are a bit rough having to wash dishes everyday  - the water here is not too kind to anyone who choose to do the dishes everyday. Nivea hand lotion helps.

I am begging to plan my meals a day in advance - this from a guy whose idea of a meal is putting a frozen butter chicken with rice package meal for 3 minutes in the Microwave -at then end of which I will have a hot delicious Indian meal. 

Taking frozen meat or fish to thaw for a meal many hours away is new to me. It is not yet a habit I do easily but I now know it has to be done or else my wife will not get a decent meal and my son and me will have to microwave a pie or some other frozen meal for lunch or dinner. Planning is the key to a good meal and when done well ensures that we all have a good meal.

So what is good about all this?

I have not yet found an answer to that. I just enjoy the life I have now. Life is good.   


One word defines what the non-Malays do. EMPOWERMENT!

I have no doubt that the Malays, as individuals, have roamed far and wide to seek their own fortunes and the life they want - whether far from the maddening crowd or, if they so choose, plunge themselves into the hustle and bustle that waits for those who are game enough to seek material gain through hard work and gainful employment. There are not many of them in Melbourne but I do see Malays out and about in the city - mostly young Malays - the guys conservatively dresses and the girls with their head covered - one foot still in Malaysia and the other tentatively trying out the Western world that they now find themselves in. Time will ease their discomfort in trying to blend into another world and I know that they will be the better for it.

The Malays as a people are adjusting to the realities of a world much changed from the one they were born in. The world they were comfortable with when growing up is now rapidly changing. Whether the change is for better or for worse is a personal judgement but adjust to it the Malays must for this new world does not suffer fools easily. By fools I mean those who are not able to take cognizance of the changes around them and adjusting accordingly so as to allow themselves to be part of it, will be left by the wayside.

So Umno now tells the Malays the getting and holding on to political power. the use of the Malay numerical advantage to ensure that Malay race dominates, the Malay religion dominates  and that Malays will be the first amongst equals are the fundamentals required to ensure tak kan melayu hilang di dunia!

After 50 years of an Umno/Malay dominated rule there is a clear, present danger and immanent danger that the Malay culture and the Malay society will break down.

And that danger comes not only from the Christians, the non-Malays but also now comes from the Malays who are not in Umno - the Malays in Pakatan Rakyat and any other Malay who will not give their support to Umno.

This is the thrust of Umno's argument to win over the Malays into the fold of Umno. Umno tells them that there is danger from outside, circle our Umno Malay wagons and let us defend ourselves from the marauding "others" who seek to destroy the Malays culture and Malay society. This is how Umno chooses to do battle with the "others"  - a siege mentality that plays on negativity by emphasing the "them versus us" mentality justifying their use of race, religion and politics in championing the Malays.

How do the "others" deal with this Umno mind frame of "them versus us" when Umno has all the advantages of a large army and deep pockets?

One word defines what the "others"  do. EMPOWERMENT!

The "others" educate their young to the best of their abilities in order that they be able to make decisions about their future from a position of knowledge, optimism, strength and confidence knowing full well their rights, their place in Malaysia and their options outside Malaysia. 

And this my friend is the way too for the Malay society and Malay culture to survive and continue to progress. We must empower our people, especially the young, to also be able to make decisions about their future from a position of knowledge, optimism, strength and confidence knowing full well their rights, their place in Malaysia and their options outside Malaysia.    

The "others" are well on their way to doing this to their own with emphasis on the best education for their young. This is achieved at considerable sacrifices and costs where ever that education can be got.

The "others" are empowering themselves politically. Whether that is to be done in isolation or in congress with "others" who are similarly empowered is a work in progress but the "others" have never been more aware than now of their new found political empowerment in being able to make a difference as to how politics and government is to be conducted in the present and the future - starting with the manner in which they do government in the states under their sphere of influence.

And where the "others" find their way thwarted by obstacles and an intransigent Umno led BN government blinded by its "them and us" mentality - they seek more accommodating government elsewhere - not in the hundreds but by the hundreds of thousands - even millions.They migrate to where they are welcomed.

And how are the champions of the Malays - Umno - placed in all this?

There is no better indicator of where this Umno led BN government is at today than to look at what is making news this morning- 31st March 2015. A Tuesday at 9.54 AM.

The first news item on my Yahoo page is about the GST that is to be implemented tomorrow - on April Fools day!

GST forces Chinese shop to close after 74 years - The Malaysian Insider

March 30, 2015.Yew Chian Hooi's Chinese medicine shop 'Ban Swee Choon' in Bukit Mertajam is opening tomorrow for the last time after 74 years in business. It will be closed for good come Wednesday, the day the goods and services tax (GST) begins implementation.

That says it all.

In the above news item we see a bullying domineering Umno led BN government that is desperately seeking new avenues of revenue. BN with its many irresponsible and grandiose schemes of "national development" that has largely benefited their own kind and their cronies have already brought our nation to its knees burdened with debts and an ever increasing costs of living that directly affects the masses. How does thsi BN government propose to raise additional revenue? The GST.

What the GST will do to people like Yew Chian Hooi is now known. He will close shop.

What the GST will do to others who will be affected by the rise in the costs of living (because the money to be given to the government in the form of the GST tax has to come from somewhere!) is to be seen.

What will it do to Najib's government?

In their mind they are already spending the money that they think will be coming from the implementation of the GST. Within a year we will be back to a negative balance in as far as what was estimated to be reliazed  when they implemented the GST. The nation will go deeper into depth  and possible another Jet will be added to the fleet of Jets for the use of Najib and his family.

And where will the Malays be?

Umno will again come to them, cap in hand at the next election, and tell the Malays again the same old stories of yesterdays :

The Malay society and culture are being threatened.

Islam is under threat from Christianity.

And of course Umo needs another term in government to make things right.....and so it goes on and on and on. The pillaging and plundering of our people and our Malay nation by an Umno skilled in the art of deception and lying to the Malays. And this debilitating circle continues until there is nothing left for the Malays to do in their "own" country except to think of what of might have been if only.


Najib: Customs, we are with you

.......Acknowledging that the Customs had a heavy responsibility, Najib said the government will be with the Customs Department in ensuring that the implementation of the GST is smooth. 

"The Customs staff, as the frontliners, had a huge responsibility and I wish to state that we are here to help the Customs Department discharge that responsibility.

"Customs, we are with you: we will walk together, and implement the GST. This is going to be the biggest tax reform in our history, and we will make it successfull," he said.

steadyaku47  comment: 

Careful when Najib wants you to walk together with him....even he knows he cannot lead!