Thursday, 19 April 2018

Another death in police custody. Another family without a father. Another wife without a husband. Another family without a brother. Another family without a son When will this legal murderous killings cease? time put money in pocket first lah before posing with the Deputy Prime Minister!!

Jamal Jamban & MIC

Why the Indonesian Courts release Equanimity :

The seizure of Equanimity by Indoneisan Police on the request of the FBI was done under a Criminal suit whereas the United States Department of Justice has a civil forfeiture lawsuit against Jho Low. Thus the Indonesian Courts were right in coming to a decision that the police action was "invalid" and "unlawful" and instructed the Indonesian Police to release Equanimity.
What happens now?

The first thing the Captain of Equanimity will do is to head for international waters where it cannot be seized by the United States DOJ. 
While the United States DOJ make ready a criminal suit to ensure the seizure of the Equanimity this time around is legal, the FBI will be keeping track of the whereabouts of the Equanimity. 
From now on, the Captain of the Equanimity better not let the Yacht stray into any US territory...because if he does...tiada maaf bag mu!

Rakyat Kena GST, Tapi Syarikat Dari Negara Cina Tak Ada GST

Ramalan Terbaru oleh Group Veteran UMNO.

Jumlah kerusi Parlimen 222...
Perlis (3) BN 3 PH 0
Kedah (15) BN 3 PH 12
Perak (24) BN 8 PH 16
Penang (13) BN 1 PH 12
WPKL (11) BN 0 PH 11
NS (8) BN 5 PH 3
Melaka (6) BN 4 PH 2
Johor (26) BN 10 PH 16
Pahang (14) BN 8 PH 6
Terengganu (8) BN 7 PH 0 PAS 1
Kelantan (14) BN 5 PH 2 PAS 7
Sabah (25) BN 5 PH 20
Sarawak (31) BN 22 PH 10
WPL (1) BN 1 PH 0
Putrajaya (1) BN 1 PH 0
Selangor (22) BN 5 PH 17
BN (88) PH (126) PAS (8)

This is a letter for Sultan of Johor

This is a letter for Sultan of Johor. 这是一封写给柔佛苏丹的信。

Your Majesty,
As one of the sons of Johor, I hereby would like to voice out my concerns on behalf of over 500,000 fellow Malaysians who are working in Singapore. I'm writing this letter because this is the only thing I can do for myself and for those Malaysians (especially Johoreans) who work in Singapore.
A few days ago, the polling date was announced. It falls on 09 May’18, a Wednesday, which is in the middle of 5 common working days. It is very obvious that the BN has chosen this day to make it difficult for many Malaysians to go back to their hometown to vote, especially those working in the city or foreign countries (e.g. KL, Singapore, etc). The reason for doing this is because a large number of BN’s supporters resides in the rural area. Even though a public holiday has been declared for polling day, it is still inconvenient for many Malaysians who work in the city or foreign countries to travel back to their own hometown in one day, especially those who work in Singapore. It is very obvious that BN has chosen this day as polling day to increase the chances of winning as BN cannot afford to lose the 14th General Election or it will result in very unfortunate consequences.
At first, BN had redrawn electoral boundaries, to make themselves easier to win GE 14, and continue to rule the parliament. Then BN said they will double up the amount of BR1M for existing recipients if they win in GE 14. We all know that this manifesto is a ploy to attract more citizens (especially those who reside in rural areas) to vote for BN. However, based on what I know, this will also increase Malaysia’s debts (approximately RM883Billion as of 31 Dec’17, including government-guaranteed debt) heavily. Lastly, they’ve selected 09 May’18 as the polling day, in order to make it difficult for many voters to go for polling. Few days ago, the second most-powerful person in BN had made some comments to those Malaysians who are working in Singapore :
'The government won't stop you to come back and vote if you want to. However, the government won't encourage you to do so.' & 'If your employer don't want to approve your leave, then you better don't come back to vote.'
After reading all these news, what I can tell Your Majesty is, no matter how hard it is, I believe that most of the Malaysians who work in Singapore will definitely go back to our own country to vote, and choose the right leader for Malaysia.
In order to go back to vote, more than 300,000 Malaysians will be going through CIQ first link or CIQ second link. Based on past experience, plus all the ploys that BN had used so far, I'm pretty sure that there is a huge possibility that someone behind the scenes will intentionally make us more difficult to clear the immigration. For example, by making both customs less efficient during the voting period (07 – 08 May’18), especially on the Tuesday (08 May’18) night, like shutting down all the automatic clearance machines by claiming that the system is down or under maintenance. They might even cut down the manpower by half or more to reduce efficiency of the immigration clearance, to try and slow us down from going back to Malaysia.
一旦要回去投票,超过30万以上的人需要通过新山的其中一个关卡。根据以往的经验,加上到目前国阵所使用的伎俩,我蛮肯定,有很大的可能,有些幕后黑手会故意刁难我们的通关过程,比方说,在那段期间(5月7号 至8号)降低两个关卡的通关效率,特别是在星期二(5月8号)晚上,利用'系统瘫痪'还是'维修中'的借口来关掉自动通关机器,再来只安排一半,甚至更少的人员来负责通关的工作,试着拖慢我们回国。
I know Your Majesty has always taken great care of Malaysians, especially Johoreans. Now there are so many Johoreans working in Singapore, and we will go home during that period (07 - 08 May'18) to vote on 09 May'18. Therefore, as a Johorean, I hereby write this letter to request Your Majesty to put pressure on both CIQ (first & second link) to ensure that both customs will deploy 100% or at least 80% of the available manpower on 07 & 08 of May 2018, especially between 5pm to 12am, to speed up the immigration clearance. We’re not asking the customs to deploy 100% of the manpower everyday. We are only asking for two days, so that immigration clearance during the voting period (07 & 08 May 2018) can be as efficient as possible, especially between 5pm to 12am.
我知道陛下很照顾马来西亚公民,特别是柔佛子民。如今,有那么柔佛子民在新加坡工作,并且会在那段期间(5月7号至8号)回国投票。因此,我身为柔佛子民,写了这封信来请求陛下能够向新山两个关卡施压来确保两个关卡会在5月7号(星期一) 和5月8号(星期二),安排100% 或至少80%的人力负责通关工作,特别是在傍晚5点至凌晨12点的时段,以加快大家的通关速度。我们不期望两个关卡能天天安排100%的人员来待命,我们只要求那两个关卡能够在那两天(5月7号至8号),特别是傍晚5点至凌晨12点的期间,能够有效率地让国民通关。
Except those been mentioned above, I never bring up any other political topics (eg, 1MDB, who is MO1, donation been transferred into personal bank account, anti-fake news act, etc) into this letter as I'm not writing this letter to complain about what BN had done or to ask for a fair GE. Or else, I would have at least 10 topics to talk about if I want to discuss about politics in this letter. There is only one purpose for writing this letter, which is to ask a little help from Your Majesty to put pressure on both CIQ to make sure that nobody will intentionally make it difficult for us (especially Johoreans) to go back our country to vote.
Last but not least, please allow me to express my own opinion about the current financial status of our country.
At this point in time, our country is like a big ship with a big hole in the fuel tank and the fuel is leaking every single second. There are a few ships around it to help filling up the fuel tank and the captain had paid those ships some partial payments, and promised all the surrounding ships that they will pay the balance for the fuel usage once they have reached the destination. However, as time goes by, the fuel charges keep on accumulating to a huge amount and only a few payments were made. At this point, all the surrounding ships will know that our ship is unable to pay the fuel charges, they will stop filling up the fuel tank and sail away. Then the ship will sink and all the passengers onboard will sink with the ship. Only the captain, his assistants and some rich passengers will be saved as they are able to afford lifeboats to pick them up once the ship start sinking. In order to prevent this from happening, one retired captain said that he knows how to fixed the hole in the fuel tank, to stop the leakage, and drive the ship to the destination safely. Passengers onboard know that old captain's motive is to create some advantages for his son, and all passengers are still remember that the old captain did something bad on the ship in the past. However, they got no choice but to let the old captain drive the ship for second time as this is their last hope to reach the destination alive. If they let the existing captain continue to drive the ship, they know that they are doomed sooner or later. If they change to the old captain, there are still hope for them to reach the destination. Passengers willing to do so doesn't mean they had forgiven the old captain for whatever bad things he did in the past, it's just that they're willing to give the old captain 5 years time to see what contribution he can make for the ship. It's totally worth it to give it a try because, this time, the old captain has some capable assistants working with him, to sail the ship.
(The wealth of the country is getting less, not sure whether it was been stolen or that the country's income is unable to cover the national expenses even with GST imposed. Our country's debts are increasing every second. When it reaches to certain point, our creditors will think and believe that we are unable to pay off the debts, then they will stop buying our treasury bonds, stop selling us goods on credit term, and want us to pay all the debts immediately. Foreign investors will transfer the fund out from our country to other countries which are safer as they dont want to invest in our country anymore as our country is already hopeless to them. This will cause ringgit to depreciate vigorously within few days. Hyperinflation will cause citizens not being able to buy even a loaf of bread with stacks of cash, which is exactly what is happening in Venezuela. Only some politicians and rich people in the country can run away from this disaster as they keep their money and assets outside the country. The rest of the people in the country will suffer and bear the national debts. To prevent this from happening, a retired politician had made a comeback and try to stop this tragedy. People know his motive for doing all this is to secure a bright future for his son in politics, and people still remember all the bad things this old politician had done to the country in the past. However, people got no choice but to give a chance to the old politician to lead the country for the second time as they know the existing leader will only bring the country to a worse situation instead of a brighter future. People willing to do so doesn't mean they had forgiven that old politician for whatever bad things he did in the past, it's just that they're willing to give the old politician 5 years time so see what contribution he can make for the country. It's totally worth it to give it a try because, this time, the retired politician has a number of capable team members working with him.)
Lastly, I feel blessed to be a Johorean as we have a great King to take care of us, voice out for us, and protect us all the time.
I hope this letter can reach to Your Majesty in the end, and Your Majesty is willing to help us to make sure that all Malaysians who are going back Malaysia to vote can have a smooth journey at both CIQ.
Thanks to Your Majesty for reading my letter.
'Daulat Tuanku' & 'Allah peliharakan Sultan'
'吾皇万岁' 和 '上苍庇佑苏丹'

From, 谨
A Johorean(一名柔佛人)
(26 years old)(26岁)
(至所有马劳们, 由于苏丹的面子书户口是没有开放私讯的。我只能把这封信私讯去苏丹伉俪,Royal Johor和南方之虎的面子书户口,最后会不会被读到,我不知道。就算读了,会不会真的出面帮忙,我也不知道。我只知道,我能做的,只有这些,我尽力了。再来只能靠大家的力量去分享,并标签南方之虎和sultanjohor,只要将这封信传得越广,就越有希望可以送到皇室手中。)

Wednesday, 18 April 2018


To vote is to give 1 vote.
To be a PACA is to prevent 100s of fraudulent votes.


So the effect of becoming a PACA is at least 100 TIMES more powerful than casting a single vote.
We need 20,000 PACAs. We currently have 12,000 PACAs.
We need you to be a PACA to stop the fraud for a change of government.