Thursday, January 29, 2015

An Anwar Ibrahim in Sungai Buloh is stronger ethically, morally and politically than a Najib Razak in Seri Perdana! Anwar Ibrahim stayed because Najib is not a worthy opponent to run away from.

Will he or will he not go to prison?

For most Malaysians Anwar's guilt or innocence in the sodomy of Saiful is no longer an issue that concerns them. 

How can it be a concern to them when their concept of right and wrong, good and evil, honor and dishonor and everything that they hold dear and in reverence of,  have been throughly bastardize by the very people who now wants Anwar Ibrahim to be interned yet again for a crime that pales into insignificance when we take into consideration the murder of Altantuya, the fallout from the inevitable failure of 1MDB and the many deaths of those in the custody of PDRM - and that is to just name of few of what this Barisan Nasional governement can be held accountable for.  

Which nation, what legal system and why would a Prime Minister and an Attorney General amongst others, concern themselves with what has been done to the anus of Saiful?

Before we concern ourselves with what has happened to Saiful's Anus, there are more pressing matters to be addressed.

We are disgusted that our courts have found the two UTK operatives guilty of Altantuya's murder without going into the reason why they would want to murder her! Why did those two UTK operatives kill Altantuya? The courts may have done the bidding of their political masters by finding those two guilty but they have done so in such a manner that leaves many Malaysians to question, not for the first time, the integrity of the Malaysian legal system.   The public will not be placated by the verdict of guilty when so many questions about her murder still go answered.  

What is insulting to us all is that the government led by Najib Razak expects us to believe that justice is being served by the jailing of Anwar Ibrahim. 
  • We believe Najib's swearing in the name of ALLAH that he had nothing to do with Altantuya in the same vein as we believe that Mahathir's children became rich through their own efforts! 
  • As we believe that Barisan Nasional politicians and their Ministers live within their means.
  • As we beleive that what Jakim and Jawi does is for the betterment of Muslims and Islam. 
  • As we believe that Taib Mahmud insane wealth has nothing to do with his position as CM of Sarawak.
  • As we believe the veracity of what the three datuks accuse Anwar of doing when one of them, Rahim Thambi Chik, is a padeoplhile whose rape of an underage Malay schoolgirl has gone unpunished by any government or religious authority.
And this list has not even begin to scratch the surface of what this Umno led Barisan Nasional government and its Prime Ministers, Ministers and other functionaries have done in the name of government!

What Anwar Ibrahim has done while DPM and FM during his BN days are no less and no worse than what any other DPM, FM, Ministers and Prime Ministers of this Umnno led BN government has been doing before and after him. 

For most Malaysians Anwar Ibrahim is the public face to channel their contempt, disgust and disdain for the Barisan Nasonal government headed by a weak and clueless Najib Razak. 

For most Malaysian if/when Anwar goes to prison it will be another blatant attempt by the Barisan Nasional government to manage the legal system of our nation for their own political ends. This attempt could prove fatal to Najib Razak's position as PM and in the long run, prove fatal to Umno's domination in Malaysian politics by the next general election. 

Anwar's Ibrahim decision to not flee Malaysia in the light of his certain incaceration is a bold and courageous decision, a sacrifice maybe, a gamble even - for without doubt Anwar knows that this may be the final roll of the dice that will decide the fate of his own political ambitions to lead the opposition into government. But if you were to view this in the context of our nation's short history and the future that such a sacrifice promise, I would think that you may begin to understand why Anwar made the decision to stay and face a corrupt and arrogant government rather than to go into comfortable exile. 

Anwar Ibrahim has stayed because Najib is not a worthy opponent to run away from.

Anwar Ibrahim in prison, in solitary and kept away from family and friends but still in Malaysia is more a threat to Najib Razak than an Anwar Ibrahim in exile elsewhere. 

From prison Anwar Ibrahim can still hear the roar of dissent against the Najib led BN government.

From prison Anwar Ibrahim can still lead that movement for change and add his voice to the crescendo of voices that will ultimately end this Najib led BN government. 

From prison Anwar Ibrahim is a more formidable opponent for Najib Razak than an Anwar Ibrahim in exile.

The physical presence of Anwar in the country will give courage and encouragement to many Malaysians to continue their fight for his release and for what Pakatan Rakyat that he leads have all been fighting for - justice for all and decency in a government without corruption,without arrogance and certainly a government for the people, by the people and of the people. 

In prison Anwar Ibrahim will still be defiant, still be a thorn in Najib's side and will still be  a tangible symbol of hope and defiance in a wasteland of corruption, arrogance and injustice that our nation has now become. 

Najib will not be able to ignore his presence. It is not a case of being out of sight and out of mind. As always Najib Razak has not been able to understand the ramification of what he does in his private and public life.

Najib has consistently lied and have been proven wrong in so many of his projections, predictions and in his actions that today Malaysians would have more faith in having monkeys guard their bananas than believe that Najib's has their interest at heart.

And so Anwar Ibrahim will take his chances that internment in Sungai Buloh will be only until the result of the next general election is announced. 

Anwar Ibrahim will take that chance that he, not Najib, will triumph before, during or after the next general election.

Yes it is not a level playing field and yes, in retrospect there really is nothing else that Anwar Ibrahim can do but stay and take what comes on his chin. ...but give Anwar Ibrahim credit where credit is due. 

Anwar Ibrahiim fights his own fights no matter what the odds against him.
Najib does not!

Anwar Ibrahiim faces his own demons head on and the consequences of his own folly and deeds without flinching or ducking for cover. 
Najib does not!

Anwar through his words and deeds have time and time again shown that he will not be intimidated, threatened or cowered by the bullying of a Barisan Nasional government that has shown by its words and deeds, to not be hesitant in bastardizing the legal process under its care to pursue a half bake investigation into what happened to the anus of this Saiful in its attempt to intimidate, threatened and cower Anwar Ibrahim into submission. 

An attempt that has only so far served to galvanize the Malaysian public to emphatize and sympathize with the situation that Anwar is now in.    
All this has served to out Najib for what he really is - a coward of the worst dimension. 

Anwar Ibrahim stayed because Najib is not a worthy opponent to run away from. 
No worse an insult could be perpetrated upon Najib by Anwar than this! 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Malaysian Bali Bomber "high liklihood" Killed in Philippines.

'High likelihood' suspected Bali bomber among dead in Philippines clashes, official says

There is a "high likelihood" a Malaysian militant who is suspected of being behind the 2002 Bali bombings was killed in a Philippines police operation, a senior official says.
Sunday's offensive in the southern Philippines had been against a number of "high-value targets" including fugitive Zulkifli bin Hir, who has a $5 million bounty on his head.
However, the operation turned into a bloodbath when clashes erupted between police commandos and Islamist militants.
A total of 44 policemen were killed and 12 others were wounded in the battles, interior secretary Manuel Roxas told a news conference.
Mr Roxas said a 392-member police "special action force" had been sent to the remote southern farming town of Mamasapano to arrest several top militants, including Zulkifli, who is also known as Marwan.
"There is a high likelihood according to the participants that Marwan was killed in the operations, but this needs confirmation," Mr Roxas said.
While the commandos failed to recover the body of their main target, "they were able to take pictures, and these pictures will undergo a process to determine whether it was Marwan or not."
Mr Roxas said he had personally seen some of the photographs, but could not tell if Marwan was among the dead.
A top Malaysian police official on counter-terrorism told the Malay Mail newspaper that Kuala Lumpur was still waiting for information from the Philippine authorities on Zulkifli's fate.
Zulkifli, one of the United States's most wanted militants, is a bombmaker for the Jemaah Islamiyah group which staged the 2002 bombings in Bali which claimed 202 lives, including 88 Australians.

Zulkifli bin Hir long sought by authorities

The militant had long been sought by the authorities, and declarations of his death have proved premature in the past, with the Philippine military saying in early 2012 that it had killed Zulkifli in an air strike.
Philippine authorities alleged some of the Bali bombers had fled to the southern Philippines and sought refuge with Muslim rebels waging decades-old armed campaigns against the Manila government.
They also said the foreign militants had trained the Filipino rebels in manufacturing improvised explosive devices that have been used in bombings in the Philippines.
According to Mr Roxas, the Philippine police were leaving the area where the operation was taking place when they were ambushed by the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF), one of the groups accused of sheltering Zulkifli.
The police escaped the ambush, only to stray into territory controlled by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), sparking another firefight, the interior secretary said.
The 10,000-strong MILF, the main Muslim rebel group in the south, signed a peace treaty with the government in March last year.
The BIFF, a breakaway faction of several hundred Muslim gunmen, was not part of the deal.
Philippines president Benigno Aquino ordered an investigation into the incident, a major test of the accord intended to end a 40-year insurgency that has claimed tens of thousands of lives.
The MILF said police did not coordinate the operation as required under the ceasefire accord.
The MILF and BIFF did not release figures of their casualties.
Mr Roxas said that aside from the casualties, all remaining police commandoes had been accounted for.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Malays are Angry? Really?

The Malays are Angry!
The Malays are angry. 

The Malays are angry with the opposition who they insists have lost the plot about Ketuanan Melayu and the need to safeguard the "special position" of the Malays in their own Tanah Melayu as agreed upon when the non-Malays were granted citizenship upon Merdeka.

The Malays are angry with the government that have grown corrupt and arrogant on the proceeds of the use and abuse of the trust the Malays have placed upon them to champion the cause of their own people.

The Malays are angry with the Christians, the Chinese, the Indians, the western culture and everything else that have threatened the fundamentals of Islam by exposing the Malays to the decadence and loss of morality and ethics that sex, drink and the non Muslim culture brings with them. 

The Malays are angry with Najib and Rosmah, Taib Mahmud, Anwar IIbrahim, Mahathir, Daim, Lim Kit Siang, Razak Baginda, Azmin Ali, Civil Servants, PAS, Umno, PKR, DAP, the purchase of the two submarines, the loss of the Jet Engines, Altantuya.....hell you can find a Malay to get angry at virtually anything that is going on in Malaysia!

The Malay leaders in government are angry, the Malay leaders in opposition are angry....even the cawangan members of the various Malay political parties are angry  with the state of the economy, the arrogance and corruption of their leaders and of course, about the lack of trickle down from the top to them of the wealth and riches that they see their leaders are rolling in!

The mat rempits are angry.

The minah current are angry.

The Felda settlers are angry.

These anger have been the result of angst and frustration at the plight of the Malays as the Malays see themselves increasingly isolated and marginalized economically, financially and physically  in a country they consider their own.

These anger are real but they have also been manufactured, advanced and manipulated by Malay leaders to serve their own political and personal agendas. 

And more worrying, the advent of the social media and an increasingly knowledgeable Malay mass have made the anger of the Malays more focused, more intense and more relevant to the future of this nation and its people - be it the Malays or the non Malays. And invariable where the Malays go with this anger, so will Islam follow. 

These anger amongst the Malays can no longer be kept hidden and under wraps indefinitely because most of the anger, after a long period of gestation have started simmer, boil over  and have started to erupt.  Whether the anger comes from within or manipulated and promoted by politicians and self interest groups the physical manifestations of it all can be seen by the overt aggression you see on display by the Malays in issues that involve religion and race. 

And the most recent of these incidents happened yesterday with protest about the building of luxury condominium in Keramat.    

Today Keramat..... Esok apa pulak?

PETALING JAYA: All 674 units of controversial Datum Jelatek condominiums have been registered to bumiputra buyers, debunking allegations that the Malays could not afford to purchase the luxury units.

Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) in a statement said that a total of 1,097 potential bumiputra buyers have shown their interest, exceeding their expectations on the project.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that the protest against the Datum Jelatek condominium is a politically motivated demonstration meant to embarrass the Selangor state government. And by the same token, the opposition too are adept at doing the same thing to embarrass the BN led federal government on issues that more likely than not, will have no bearing to the well being of the Malays. 

As a Malay I am unable to comprehend the rise of these angry Malays except to try and understand it in the context of what is now happening to the Malay politicians that we have today. What defines the Malay politicians of today from those in the decades before Mahathir, Pak Lah and Najib are two things - arrogance and corruption. 

Arrogance and corruption came with Mahathir. History tells us that politically powerful Malays from the time of the early Sultans and their Bendehara have done to their people what Umno are now doing to the Malays! In India too this is a common tread in the history of India's royals and Maharajahs. In Mahathir we have a fusion of the two - and there emerged the Mahathir that we now know to have been arrogant once power was in his hands. Power,as they say, corrupts. And for Mahathir absolute power corrupts absolutely. 

All things considered, the truth of the matter is that while Mahathir was himself not corrupt while in office, the absolute power he wielded over our nation allowed him to use corruption as a tool to extend his sphere of influence in government and in business. Again we are familiar with how Mahathir was prepared to allow corrupt Ministers, public servants and businessmen to serve under his government in as long as they do his bidding.

So while Mahathir was not himself corrupt he set the tone for what was to come after him. That power taken by Mahathir for himself now went to Pak Lah and Najib  - a legacy they inherited from Mahathir. Under their watch, Pak Lah and Najib allowed corruption to simmer, ferment and advance its insidious erosion into the moral and ethics of all things Malaysian. 

Thus it was that corruption and arrogance became the hall mark of Malay political leaders within the government and the opposition.

Today these Malay leaders are driven to seek political power because they know that when they become MP, Ministers, Menteri Besars and Prime Minister, they will become rich, their family will become rich and those that they favor will also become rich.

And so money motivates everything that they do.

The same for many of those Malays who are angry today.

From their political leaders the Malay have learned to have the same motivation to cloud everything that they do. Whether they are for Umno, PAS or PKR what drives many Malays to do what they do today is money. 

The recent protest about luxury condos being built in Keramat is not about the Chinese buying those condo that is being built in a Malay area. It is  about Umno putting the PKR state government of Selangor in an embarrassing position. And to do this, Umno must spend money and promise money to move these Malays to protest a non event. This money will be in the form of cash outlay or/and the promise of further financial gains through jobs, contracts and business opportunities that will be given to those who do the bidding's of their political masters. Umno do this to Chief Justices, to attorney general, to Ministers, to Sultans and also to Malays who protests against the building of luxury condominiums in Keramat.

So really the anger amongst the Malays are now driven by MONEY. Sometimes the Malays are angry because they are given money to be angry, sometimes the Malays are angry because of the lack of money! Money, money and money!

And this is the sad truth when we see Malays getting angry over the government, angry over the opposition , angry over the situation of their race, their religion and their way of life. 

This is not to say that there are no decent, honest and committed Malays who are driven to do what they can to improve the lot of their own race and religion. There certainly are Malays of this ilk...but their numbers are few and more often than not drowned by the obscenities hurled at them by these Malays who are driven by money in what they do. 

What more is there to say? For as long as the Malays do not stop their money driven anger that is how long they will stay under the thumb of those that throw the money their way but it will be a brave man that stands in their way for money can overcome decency, morality and ethics even in the best of us.  

Monday, January 26, 2015

Nothing to do with religion, race or politics! Just George Clooney and Amal.

George and Amal Clooney
George and Amal Clooney
George Clooney has been put on a diet by his wife.
The 'Monuments Men' star has reportedly been given a healthy eating regime by Amal Clooney, after he gained more than a stone since they tied the knot in September 2014.
A friend said: "Amal told me there are five rules for George's new eating regime and healthy lifestyle that should get him back in shape as quickly as ­possible."
The five rules include no alcohol, no fatty meat and less dairy products and Amal is hoping her husband can shed 15 pounds before the Oscars, which take place on
February 22.
However, the friend also revealed that the 53-year-old actor would find the healthy eating plan "tough" because of his love of tacos.
They said: "George is a pretty disciplined guy on set but, although Amal's new eating rules seem straightforward, he's going to find it tough because he loves Mexican food and even binges on the fast food variety several times a week in LA."
Another pal added to the Daily Star on Sunday newspaper: "There's nothing George likes to wolf down more than a couple of spicy fish tacos followed by a shot or two of his own tequila."
Meanwhile, the star's close friends - Rande ­Gerber and Cindy Crawford - are believed to be helping the 36-year-old human rights lawyer get her husband back into shape.
The source continued: "Rande and Cindy have promised Amal they'll do everything they can to help her lick him back into some sort of shape ­before the Academy Awards."

"Chinese looking" people in Melbourne. Every where you turn you will see them!

Chinese New Year in Melbourne
Sometimes when I walk the streets of Melbourne I cannot help but feel that Malays of the Umno genre would feel intimidated, if not overwhelmed, by the number of "Chinese looking" people that can be seen on the streets of this city. They are to the left of you and to the right of you. They are all around you in the tram. Some quietly sitting and watching the world go by. Some loudly talking to each other even if they are within kissing distance of each other. Occasionally you will see them suited, looking important and in the company of Australians moving from one meeting to another in the city. Anyway you turn you will see them.

I say "Chinese looking" because they can be from China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam or even Malaysia - though the one from Malaysian you can know the moment they open their mouth to speak. And there are others from parts unknown...but there is no mistaking the fact that in one way or another, they can trace back their ancestors to tongsan.

When the tram you are riding in has 18 "Chinese looking" commuters, a black Sudanese looking guy, the "Australian looking" Tram driver and a Malay (that's me!) in the first do start wondering how come there are so many of these "Chinese looking" people in Melbourne? 

That is probably because the Australian government allowed them in!

What has these "Chinese looking" people done to Australia? From what I can see...nothing but good! They are vibrant, lively and hard working people whose work ethics are a source of amazement to other fellow Australians. Where I now live the two main streets are dotted with shops run by "Chinese looking" people. Even a Malaysian restaurant call Masak Masak is run by them - the same with the other Malaysian restaurant "Blue Chilies". There are "Chinese looking" employees in the supermarkets, a "Chinese looking" owner of a cake shop just 50 yards from where I stay.....and plenty more. 

Are they a threat to me and to other Australians? 

How can they be? Nothing that they do intrude into my space, my personal life or my world. What they do only enhance it. I know I can get fried kueh teow for under $10 a plate during lunch just two minutes walk away from where I live. The "Chinese looking" owners of a cake shop nearby will discount his cakes after 4 p.m. and the "Chinese looking" cashier at Woolworth always politely call me Uncle whenever she rings up my groceries.

The apartment block I live in have many "Chinese looking" tenants - most of them older than me. Some of them talk in what sounds like Chinese to me and I response with a smile and a nod of the head to anything they ask me. If my wife is with me they will clasp her hand and wish her well....all in Chinese of course...but we understand. The only "Chinese looking" family that I know with a car drives a Jaguar - the 2000 S Type. Where he gets the money to buy a Jaguar is a question I would like to ask him....but it really is none of my business. He is not the friendly type and the only greeting we have exchange when we meet at the lift is a silent acknowledgement of each others presence - just a slight nod of the head. It puzzles me how someone able to afford a Jaguar would want to stay in an "affordable" apartment reserved for low income earners...but then I remember the cars that the "Chinese looking" people drive even when they are staying in the crowded housing estates near Jinjang - plenty of Mercedes there!   

I have not made any "Chinese looking" friends in Melbourne. In case you think me a racist - neither have I made any "Malay" or "Indian looking" friends in the two years I have lived here. In fact it would be true to say that I have not made any friends at all in the time I have been in Melbourne. That is just me being me - I do not like to make friends.

To all you "Chinese looking" people out there....thanks for making my world a better world, and my life more interesting. You never seek to impose your language, your culture, your religion or your way of life upon me....though those dragon dances during the Chinese New Year are a bit noisy and over the top.....but I can stay away from them if I want to - so no problems there. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

cakap cakap....Daim.

You think Daim is quaking in his shoes worrying about threats of sex tapes of him being put on Youtube? Huh! I would think that the moron or morons who are thinking of doing that should be more worried about Daim coming after them rather than the other way around! Aisehman that guy has got enough money to go after you, your family, your next generation and the generation after that if he wants to - and he has enough money to do all that even from his grave!

As for allegations of past corruptions against Daim....please lah...why tell me something I already know?


What can a video of him doing anything - sex included - do to this old man? 

He has no morals to lose. 

All the respect that his money has bought he will not lose because money trumps everything else. 

What about friends and family? Where will he be able to hide from them for shame? 

Huh! Friends and his family will close one eye and shut the other when it comes to keeping on to the good side of Daim no matter what Daim has done. Remember this man has money pouring out of every orifice of his personal self!

What about his political clout with Umno - will such a scandal diminish his political reserves amongst Umno leaders and the rank and file? If Isa Samad, Rahim Thambi Chik and  a host of rogues, liars and thieves are still amongst the ranks of Umno leaders, why should Daim worry? If anything Umno would be looking towards Daim the same way they went back to Isa and Rahim for these are the leaders "whose experience" Umno needs. 

WIll it create problems for Daim and his present and past wife/wives and girlfriends? 

Can any of the Sultan of Brunei many wives or ex wives create any problems for him? Answer that and you will know that for Daim, wives, or to be more exact, finding wives, would have the same degree of difficulty as you and I will have whenever we want to find an excuse to give to the Mrs every time we feel like not doing the dishes....zilch! Hell some of you have never done the dishes so you have no need to even think of an excuse. The same for Daim! He never has and never will have problems of those kind. That's what having money does for you!

And as for Najib going after Daim because Daim support Mahathir....have you forgotten who wears the trousers in Seri Perdana? One "boo" frm Daim and Najib will wet the skirt he is wearing! 

Leave the guy out of politics. He is a businessman through and through and politics is just a distraction to him. A distraction that still does not distract him from doing service to the nation and its people while he was with the government - and if he feathered his nest while doing so, so be it - what he did pale in comparison to those who came before and after him.  

As for there being a move by all to oust Najib.... just consider this - who in his right mind does not want Najib out? Everyone is acting out of their personal belief that this idiot has to go....and I am sure Daim is no different....and there is no need for Daim to show his hand. Mahathir is doing ok by himself.  

Leave him be...he is doing what any old man with plenty of money will do.....enjoying life and doing things he enjoys doing. And if that include having sex with young girls what business is it of ours - he is no longer in government, he is no head of any religious authority, he does not claim to be a champion of the Malays or anybody else......leave sleeping dogs alone! 

Sultan Ahmad Shah and Carla : What will Tuanku do to ensure that his legacy and that of the Royal House of Pahang, will endure nobly where ever it may be?

Sultan Ahmad Shah is not a man without compassion. His late father Sultan Sir Abu Bakar  was much respected and loved by the people of Pahang. Amongst many of his subjects, so is Sultan Ahmad Shah. Unfailingly he will make his way to villages that are flooded during the monsoon months bearing food and other essentials for those ravaged by the floods. It is in his nature to engage his subjects in conversation to inquire about their well beings and problems of his subjects, if any.

That is why, for those who know him personally, many are perplexed why Tuanku has not publicly and officially acknowledge Carla as his daughter. They met in London many many years ago and there have been "contact" between them since then. Tuanku have provided for some of their financial needs, there have been "negotiations" to resolve issues, promises made but not kept and to date, there are still issues unresolved. Time is not on Tuanku's side  and with Carla's recent marriage, surely the thought of grandchildren must cross Tuanku's mind. What will Tuanku do to ensure that his legacy and that of the Royal House of Pahang, will endure nobly where ever it may be?      

Sultan Ahmad Shah and Carla in London.

To be continued: