Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Quickies: Now who is a Barua?

Azmin Ali recently asks if this Khalid aka Inspector General of Police (IGP) aka Police Inspector General (PIG) is a barua of Umno?

Aisehman YB, Selangor already has an Umno Barua in the person of Hasan Ali. Berapa banyak Barau Umno does Selangor want? Selangor may be the richest state in Malaysia but one Umno Barau cukup lah. Let the other state have their own Umno Barua too. 

This Hasan seems to know what a Barau is and has no problem putting his hands up to confirm that he has been Umno's Barua for quiet some time but does Azmin really know what a Barua is?

I am shocked...shocked that the Menteri Besar of Selangor does not even know the meaning of Barua! Barua in English means a pimp - a man who controls prostitutes and arranges clients for them, taking a percentage of their earnings in return.
This Khalid guy is not a pimp. He may behave like a Barua and look like a Barua but looking like a pimp does not make him a pimp! Though of course that does not mean he will not take a percentage of the prostitute's earning if offered!  

 Khalid's job is to arrest Pimps not be one.

Though like the Pimp the mobile phone seems to be as important to Khalid as it is to the Pimp. The Pimp uses his mobile to direct his "business associates" to his clients. This Khalid just makes a nuisance of himself tweeting here and tweeting the "Old MacDonald had a Farm" nursery rhyme :

A tweet here and a tweet tweet, there tweet, everywhere tweet tweet!

And now for some more laughs...concentrate on the T Shirt on the right!

  And now let's dance!

cakap cakap...Tuesday early morning.....

It is just past 8 on a Tuesday morning... and I have just listened to Elton John's "Something about The Way You Look Tonight"...and sometimes there are songs that takes me back to the past...and this one does. 

To the times when my wife and me still had disagreements and argued about things - about things I can no longer remembered...but it mattered then. We had our likes and dislikes.... we still had conversations and still did our own things from time to time. My wife would still then walk for miles rather than take the bus to visit her sister living a suburb away....and sometimes when I knew that she was walking her way back  home I would go looking for her in the car....invariably find her....and as usual she would say "I can walk back you know...." but she would still smile and get in the car grateful that I did come looking for her.

I remember our time in London...and so does she...when I would wait at our favorite corner of Selfridges waiting for her to finish work and to go home together. I remember the dresses she wore, the coat she had for Winter  and the promise she made to me and kept ; That she would stopped smoking when we marry. 

Today we no longer talk as we use to. Her dementia has robbed her of her ability to want to speak....we now communicate through smiles, a nod of the head and we exchange looks every now and then to tell each other what is in our hearts - for I know that she still loves me as I love her. What touches me inside is that sometimes she is in a world of her own...a world without me...and I have to turn her head towards me and try to bring her back into the world where I am. Most time that is enough...but increasingly she drifts of into that world again and again. 

I have just look over to her in bed and she is least her eyes are open. I wave and there is no recognition...and so I walk over to her and giver her a hug and a peck on the cheek...and I get the smile I want...and I can then go back to writing this.

Sometimes even if it makes my heart heavy with memories of the past, I like to go back to the past - to the time when we were younger and did not know better about what life was to bring for both of us. Yes there are regrets but only a few. What matters is that today we are together. All things must pass.   


Cakap cakap : Can Malaysia be a Failed State?

As you feel that UMNO & other political parties have failed Malaysia,
I want to ask you this question : 

I know you do not have a crystal ball but on 


Can these unfortunate events be stopped.?

The above question was asked of me by Henry Ong in response to my article "cakap cakap...the Malays, Umno and Najib". 

I wrote that Umno and Najib has failed the Malays and by inference, if they have failed the majority of Malaysian  (who are Malays) then they have failed Malaysia too.

Just this morning I was thinking if Malaysia is a failed state.

failed state
noun: failed state; plural noun: failed states
a state whose political or economic system has become so weak that the government is no longer in control.

It certainly is least not yet. 

If I were to look at all the other neighboring countries (with the exception of Singapore), Malaysia is by far a better place to live in. 

Indonesia has its periodic upheavals where Chinese or Christians are slaughtered at will. Thailand has its Army taking government with a regularity that must trouble those who believe in democratic principles. Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia are still recovering from years of war and questionable leaders. The Philippines is where American ideals have been allowed to corrupt Asian values and Filipinos are the worse of for it happening. Compared to these nations, Malaysia is a veritable paradise of peace, stability and, dare I say it, of racial and religious tolerance?

Now having said that I must qualify that all these countries are moving forward towards greater growth and hold much promise for their people of a better future than the one they have now.      

Malaysia on the other hand has regress. 

Malaysia has got more corrupt even as Indonesia boldly takes action against corruption.

Malaysia now have leaders who think that political power, race and religion allows them to govern in perpetuity while Thailand have a robust political duality with an Army that does not hesitate to keep its politicians honest.

Even as the Philippines government battles against insurgency, corruption and poverty, it has a robust political arena in which the majority will decide who will govern. 

Malaysians today are facing an uncertain economic future burdened by corruption and a government more intent on its political survival than government even as its neighbors grows from strength to strength economically. 

So again I say that by any criteria you care to measure Malaysia against it's neighbors, Malaysia is ahead...but only just!

The BN government under Najib Razak has taken Malaysia to the edge of the abyss where failed nations are consigned. 

Just Google "Najib Razak scandals" and within 0.40 seconds you have 298,000 results and right at the very top "1MDB scandal : Najib bites off more than he can chew". 

So far, 1MDB has debts of more than RM42 billion (US$11.6 billion, £7.5 billion) and an annual debt servicing of RM2.31 billion, not to mention negative cash flow of RM2.25 billion in its financial year ended March 31, 2014.

For over a decade we have been seeing countries in Asia who were once not even on the radar when Malaysia's economic achievements were being addressed globally, emerging to take their place alongside Malaysia. With each passing year they better their position while Malaysia languish and stagnate as the evil of corruption saps the ability of its people to compete with others in Asia and money politics sucked the very life out of a nation that was once the envy of many on the world stage.

And that my friend is where we are now. Heading towards a failed state.

A failing state led by a leader who is himself the byword for failure - whether in his private or public life. And over all this is the mother of all failures fifty years in the making : that once all powerful, all conquering political entity we know as Umno. 

In closing I say this. Malaysia is not a failed state. Not yet.

Will we be a failed state? If Najib Razak and Umno are still bosom buddies by the time of the 14th general elections then "all bets are off!".


Monday, May 4, 2015

Quickies : MCA

Aiyah MCA how like this one? 
You have such a canggih stage bergerak complete with mega video screen, loudspeakers floodlight....semua cukup ma!

All the above to speak to crowd this big? nothing better to do ka?