Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Early this morning I was listening to the Beatles "Golden slumbers." The first line of that song is:

"Once there was a way to get back homeward
Once there was a way to get back home"

And as I listened to those words my heart sadly asks myself if the Malays and Malaysians everywhere can ever get back the Malaysia we all once knew. Could we ever go home again to that Malaysia? I know I am one Malaysian that will never go home again....I am 67 and my wife has dementia. and as much as I think of home, this is where we will live out what is left of our life. 

And so will many others who now no longer call Malaysia home. Be as it may I still think of what is happening and what will happen to that nation I once call home.

The tragedy for the Malays is that everything they need to make Malaysia into their own image was already theirs. They have the numbers. They have the political power. They even have the temperament and grace to accept and share with others that country that they call their own. And yet today the possibility making Malaysia into their own image seems as remote and as uncertain as ever. 

One thing is clear : What Umno has promised the Malays in the last half a century, namely Ketuanan Melayu and all that it entails, lies shattered on the rocks of greed, arrogance and corruption - or simply put, on the rocks of politics as Umno wants it to be.

The question for the Malays today is simple : Do they want Umno to continue to represent them?

There is no conspiracy by the Chinese to take over Malaysia or push aside the Malays and make them go back to the Kampongs. 

Islam is not being threaten by any other religion - not even Christianity.

The Jews are not plotting to throw out the Umno led Barisan Nasional government. 

Yes I know that Pakatan Rakyat are plotting to throw out the Umno led BN government. This they have told us they want to do from the time Pakatan Rakayat was just a glint in Anwar Ibrahim's eyes! And over half the population of Malaysia wants the Umno led BN government out of government - this they had told us by the results of the last election. But then this is what democracy is all about is it not? And we are a democracy are we not? 

Now does Tun Dr Mahathir want to overthrow the Umno led BN government? No he does not - he has reiterated that what he wants is for Najib to resign as PM. Tun wants the Umno led BN di kekalkan!

Now we are told there is a conspiracy by many many people to overthrow the BN government - even the Wall Street Journal is suspect. 

Let me try and put this in as simple a manner as I can so that that idiot of a prime minister and his wife can understand what is going on:


End of story!


Six Bank Accounts Frozen!

Special task force freezes six accounts linked to Najib-WSJ probe

Six bank accounts linked to the allegations of the channelling of funds to Malaysian PM Najib have been frozen.
PETALING JAYA (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Six bank accounts linked to the allegations of the channelling of funds to Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak have been frozen.

In a joint statement, the special task force which was formed to probe the allegations, stated that the order to freeze the accounts was issued on July 6.

"The special task force has also obtained documents on 17 accounts in two banks to assist investigations. Several documents pertaining to not complying with Bank Negara Malaysia's rules and procedures were also seized," the statement said.

As investigations are still under way, the task force has urged all parties to give their cooperation to allow for the probe to be completed.

The statement was issued jointly by Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, Bank Negara Malaysia Governor Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar Aziz, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission chief commissioner Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed.

The Wall Street Journal and the Sarawak Report website published an article on Friday quoting an "unnamed investigator", claiming that almost US$700 million (S$946 million) of troubled state investment agency 1Malaysia Development Berhad's (1MDB) funds went into Mr Najib's personal accounts.

The Prime Minister's Office responded by saying that the articles were "political sabotage", while the 1MDB insisted that no funds had been transferred to Mr Najib's accounts.
Mr Najib had also refuted the claims, maintaining that the allegations are a political ploy engineered by his opponents in an attempt to topple him.

AmBank significant events.  
March 21st 2013. CheatKor AmBank account received a deposit of USD620millions.  
March 22nd 2013. AmBank founder Hussain Ahmad reported to Bank Negara Malaysia that a significant amount of money was deposited into CheatKor personal account.  
March 25th 2013. CheatKor AmBank account received a deposit of USD60millions.  
March 26th 2013. AmBank founder Hussain Ahmad reported to Bank Negara Malaysia that a significant amount of money was deposited into CheatKor personal account.  
May 5th 2013. Malaysia General Election.  
Every Month AmBank reported to BNM that significant amount of money was withdrawn from the CheatKor account.  
28th July 2013. AmBank founder went to file a police report on the matter above due to BNM non action. 29th July 2013. AmBank founder Hussain Ahmad was shot dead in a car park.  
30th Aug 2013. All CheatKor accounts in AmBank was closed and money transfer overseas.  
Sept 2013. At AmBank all IT department heads was sack and replace.
Breaking News 
Watch this CNBC live TV news item today on "Probe finds 1MDB money in Malaysian PM's accounts:WSJ". Here Martin Soong interviewed Ken Brown, WSJ HK Bureau Chief. Hot!!!!

Watch it before it is blocked!!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Mamat Karim : 1963 : Government Servant.

cakap cakap....Irwan Ambak on a leader with a litany of highly paid advisors and an astronomically high tax-funded budget to run his office.

In this day and age of reckless reporting and skewed social media mania, a leader, especially one that has a litany of highly paid advisors and an astronomically high tax-funded budget to run his office, cannot claim to be the victim of malice without first putting in an effective effort, preemptively or retrospectively. You are not the beggar on the streets left to your own devices. You have all the tools at your disposal to clarify and rectify.
So when all you can muster are pathetic proclamations that does nothing to address the problem, there can only be two conclusions: either (1) you are insolently incompetent for the top job, or (2) you have done something indefensibly illegal. If you are the former, please make way for someone better. If you are the latter, better get out before they get you. In either case, unless you buck up and be a better boss, the nation is better off without you.


steadyaku47 comment ; saya setuju!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Apa khabar saudaraku Anwar....



Apa khabar Pak Anwar
Sungguh lama tidak bersua
Air bergula ku rasa tawar
Garam segenggam tiada terrasa

Apa khabar Pak Anwar disana
Terlantar dilantai tiada beralas
Nyamuk berdaung mencari mangsa
Tidur mu nyenyak dihimpit tandas
Mengapa diPutra Jaya tidur tak lena
Dipasang pendingin dipasang kipas
Empuknya tilam pun serba tak kena
Tilam sekeras batu hawa seterik panas.

Apa khabar dikau Anwar
Dikau didalam begitu tenang
Orang diluar berhati gusar
Jiwa bergelora dihantui bayang
Kian hari berita berputar
Peristiwa celaka tersungguh malang
Jatuh berkali tangga menimpa
Tubuh bergoyang kepala bergoncang.

Apa khabar saudaraku Anwar
Kamu disana yang kami rasau
Apakah uzur apakah segar
Namun raayat yang kamu hirau
Teringat hamba di Kuala Kangsar
Sesama besekolah diwaktu lampau
Jiwa dikau senada tidak berubah tukar
Nasib si-marhaen yang sentiasa diimbau.

Salam REFORMASI dari kami semua
Dikau disana tidak pernah dilupa
Dikaulah symbol mercu tanda
Perjuangan RAAYAT memerdekakan jiwa
Kan kami cuba, cuba dan usaha
Agar perjuangan dikau tidak tersia-sia
Kepada Allah yang Maha Esa
Untuk keselamatanmu dipanjatkan doa.

Ya akhi saudara Anwar,
Allah Kurniakan ketinggian sabar,
Hamba yakin ‘kemenangan’ bekibar
Kerana sesungguhnya; Allah Allah Allahu Akbar !