Wednesday, 9 January 2013


This is what I wrote about Amir's father in  January 2011: 

This Sultan, who is the head of Islam in his state  - fucks around with girls in and around Kuala Lumpur. You fuck around with the appointment of the State Secretary, we fuck around with your fucking around. We can start with that non-Malay girlfriend of yours that have served as your regular fuck for a good number of years. You might think it all good fun and it really is until you realize that the Internet will tell what the newspaper will not! So tread carefully and think what it is that you are doing. Go on living your useless life paid for by the people’s money and leave politics well alone. Interfere with politics then you and your brother Sultans might see the end of your reign as the Maharajahs in India have seen the end of theirs sooner then you think.  

Nothing much has change! 

Only now his son is taking up whatever slack his aged Father has relinquish to him. Sultan Sharafuddin is still fornicating whenever the spirit moves him...though he does not do as much moving on the bed as he used to...but I am sure the pornographic library left by his Father would serve some purpose in 'moving' his libido on a need basis!

Now over to Din's son - Amir - the Heir Apparent. 

Apparently this Heir Apparent is going the way any young randy bastard with too much money for his  own good will be going! While most guys his age will be masturbating to get their rocks off this guy is into doing the real thing. Good for him! While his randy old Man has got the hots for an exotic Bengali he is not doing too bad himself....nothing like a Westerner to start you off on the road to debauchery!

debauchery(noun). too much indulgence in pleasures usually considered immoral, especially sexual activity and excessive drinking. a life of debauchery.     

The thing is this...this is not the first Royal Father and Son fucking team that I have come across in Malaysia. These Randy Royals do not care a rat's arse if father and son bumped into each other on the Disco Floor...this I have seen with my own eyes in the good old days of The Tin Mine at Hilton KL. There are very open minded these Royals...after all there are just so many Five star hotels in KL where they can fornicate at their hearts content without worrying about any Religious authority catching them in flagrante delicto! It would not do for the Head of Islam in the State to be caught fornicating someone outside the bounds of marriage...would it?

And while we are at it would some JAIS guy like to comment on the above pictures? Apa hukumnya for the son of the Head of Islam in Selangor for doing what he is doing above...or are you going to argue that the above pictures does not prove anything? Whatever lah JAIS....whatever!      

Now I read today that this Sharafuddin guy who is also the Sultan of Selangor made a decision and decreed that the word 'ALLAH' is a sacred word specific to Muslim and so the use of the word is prohibited to be used by any non-Muslim in Selangor!

The same Sharafuddin who has an exotic Bengali as his regular fuck. The same Sharafuddin whose son as we can see above, does not have the decency to romance his girl out of camera range! Did his father who is the Head of Islam in Selangor not taught him the basic rudiments off Islam! Or maybe this Sultan Sharafuddin knows nothing about Islam? Aku malu lah tengok perangai Sultan dengan anak nya begini!   

Damm you Sharifuddin. 

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